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There are many interesting sites on the web which provide information on the care and breeding of exotic birds. Some of them are listed here.

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  • Cockatoo Care - Information about the black cockatoos and the Cockatoo Care project, including photographs, audio, QT videos, competitions and downloads. Baudins, caraby's and red-tailed black cockatoos. AUS.

  • Galah Website - Lots of information on caring for Galahs as pets and in the wild. Description, health, diet, nutrition, personality, behavior and more. Pictures too.

  • Galahs at Wildwood (NZ) - Learn about galahs - keeping, feeding, housing, breeding from a New Zealand point of view. Pictures.

  • Cockatoos - Project Bird Watch - Save the last wild flocks of the Moluccan Cockatoos in Indonesia. Stories, incredible photos, and the latest news.

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