Midwest Regional Bird Clubs
Fall Exhibition, Show and Bird Mart

September 12-13, 1996

Hosted by: The Your Local Bird Club Name
Sponsored by: Names of National Bird Societies

Holiday Inn Hotel - 195 Forrest Ave, Yourtown, NJ
(800)-366- 1700

Saturday: 9 - 5, Sunday: 10-4
Admission: Adults $3.00 Children Under 12 - Free

Competition Huge Bird Mart
    Finch and Canary Judging.
    Various categories
    Judges from the NFS Society
    Birds for Sale,
    Toys, Food, Cages,
    Accessories & Supplies
Raffles for hundreds of related products & services.
Grand Prize Raffle on Sunday

Breeders and Vendors of Bird Products Welcome - Booths Available

To Enter a Bird in the Show - Contact Us for Information

For Information or Registration: Call Janet Smithers (998) 333-5110,
your email address or
write Local Club at 160 Elmhurst Dr, Yourtown, NJ 08820

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