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Cockatoos - Amazons
Poicephalus - Eclectus
African Greys!

Nestled on a 250 acre farm in sunny New Mexico, Tucker Farms has been breeding quality exotic birds for over 10 years. Our aviary has been MAP certified since 1994. Each bird is handfed and receives loads of love and attention in our immaculate aviaries. Each baby comes with a health guarantee. We deliver or ship to most areas within the US.

We're concerned about the quality of the birds we sell and the homes they go to, so follow some basic tenets. "We believe that if we keep birds, then we owe them the best life possible. Ignorance is no excuse. We need to educate ourselves and others. We must share information to help the birds. Each of us has something to contribute. The future of many species depends on what we do now."

The Birds of Tucker Farms




Yellow Napes
Double Yellow Heads
Orange Wings
Lilac Crowns
Mexican Redheaded
Blue Fronts

African Greys





Solomon Island

Parent Raised Birds

We have some parent raised birds for breeder stock.

Because parent raised birds are no longer available from Europe,
breeders in the United States must begin raising the
next generation of parent birds now.

Proven & Older Birds

We have for sale right now:
One proven Yellow Naped Amazon male, Judd, 10-years-old.

To reserve your bird or if you need more information contact us at

Tucker Farms, New Mexico
Phone: (505)-384-5490 FAX: (505)-384-5441


Choosing and Caring for a New Bird

Building a Good Avian Library - Recommendations on what books a pet owner or breeder should own.

Hints on Buying a Bird

Inspecting & Choosing a Healthy Bird - Make sure you get a healthy bird. What to look for and what to avoid

Selecting a Species & Other Info - Characteristics of many parrot species. Which ones are right for you?

So You Think You Want a Parrot

Caring for your New Bird

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