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May/June 2003 Magazine

Monthly Column by: Linda Pesek DVM

Winged Wisdom Pet Bird Magazine.

A pet bird ezine, pet bird e-zine for exotic birds & pet parrots.
Articles on the care & breeding of pet birds, pet parrots & exotic birds.


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May/June 2003 Magazine

Predators And Birds
Parenting Our Birds...Shelby's Story
Different Species, Different Diets - Environment, Climate, Evolution
The Avian Ear Part II - How Birds Hear, Diseases of the Ear

March/April 2003 Magazine

Toys for Feather Plucking and Other Birds
The ABC's of Potty Training
Jardine's Parrots (Poicephalus guliemi fantiensis)
The Avian Ear Part I Anatomy
Is Having A Bird Club Important?

January/February 2003 Magazine

Making Bird Toys - ABCs
Choosing A Bird Cage For Bigger Birds
Help! My Bird Won't Eat Vegetables!
Paramyxovirus - New Castle Disease
Prevent the Spread of Exotic Newcastle Disease - UofC Recommendations
Exotic Newcastle Disease - Part I General Information
Exotic Newcastle Disease 2002 Outbreak - Part II Quarantine & Status 02/14/03

October/November 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part X - Selling Your Chicks
Mosquitoes - Control & Protection, Preventing West Nile Virus
Successfully Raising Macaws and Cockatoos
Egg Binding Part II

August/September 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part IX - Record Keeping
Kitchen Physician XV - Ask Mother Nature About Healthcare
Adventures in Birdy Bread
Egg Binding Part I

July 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part VIII - Weaning Chicks
Eclectus Species Profile
Are Plastic Bird Toys Safe For Parrots?
Keeping Your Bird Healthy and Taking Vacations

May/June 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part VII - Socializing Chicks
Secrets For A Happier Parrot
Quakers, Prince of Thieves
Lead Toxicosis - Sources, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

April 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part VI - Fledgling Cockatiels
Are Birds A Liability? - Homeowner's Insurance
Twas a Month Before Spring - A Poem
Avian Gastric Yeast Formerly Megabacteria Part II

March 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part V - Brooders and Brooding
Progressive Wing Clipping of Young Indian Ringnecks
Toe Tapping. The Combined Perspectives Of An Owner and A Veterinarian
Avian Gastric Yeast Formerly Megabacteria Part I
Metal Poisoning Almost Killed Our Patagonian Conure
(plus a new article at BirdsnWays)
The Adoption of An Older Parrot

January/February 2002 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part IV Handfeeding Chicks
Bathing Birds - Why, When and How
Edible Toys
Chlamydiosis (Parrot Fever) In Birds Part IV Treatment

November/December 2001 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part III Handfeeding Chicks
Traveling By Air With Birds in the Cabin - After 9/11
My Bird Died - Preparing For A Necropsy
Chlamydiosis (Parrot Fever) In Birds Part III Diagnosis

October 2001 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part II Incubation
In Praise Of Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos
Fatty Liver Disease in Cockatiels (Birds)
Chlamydiosis (Parrot Fever) In Birds Part II Infection
Sour Crop in Cockatiel Chicks

September 2001 Magazine

Responsible Breeding of Cockatiels Part I
Purchasing A First Bird Companion
Unwanted Birds - A Growing Problem
Chlamydiosis (Parrot Fever) In Birds Part I

August 2001 Magazine

Feather Dust And The Powder Down Birds
Benefits Of A Base Diet - Foods for a Healthy Bird
What About Nestboxes? - Especially Tiels
Out Of The Blue - A Macaw Rescue

June/July 2001 Magazine

Handling Large Cockatoos - Tips and Techniques
A Bit About Grit - Do Birds Need It?
Selecting A New Macaw
Importance of Adequate Calcium Part II Growing Birds and Laying Hens

May 2001 Magazine

Breeding Indian Ringnecks
Through My Parrot's Eyes
Humorous Look At Parrot Playing Techniques
Importance of Adequate Calcium & Phosphorus in the Diet

April 2001 Magazine

Kitchen Physician XIV - A Few Ounces Of Prevention
Angel The Jenday Conure Parrot
Diary Of A Professional Bird Trainer
Seizures In Pet Birds

March 2001 Magazine

Baby Parrot Layette for the New Baby Bird
Lessons to Teach the New Baby Parrot
Gregarious Goffin's Cockatoo
Papillomatosis Disease
Nobody Ever Told Me - A Poem

February 2001 Magazine

Raising Good Pets - From Breeding to Selling Part I
Raising Good Pets - From Breeding to Selling Part II
Vegetable Nutrition Charts - Variations by Method Served
Megabacteria (a Fungus)

January 2001 Magazine

The Amazing Avian Beak - Anatomy and Disorders

December 2000 Magazine

Gift Of Song For Your Parrot
Keanu: The Duyvenbode Lory
Merlin's First Year - An Umbrella Cockatoo

November 2000 Magazine

A Cockatoo Halloween
Targeting - Tool of a Clicker Trainer
Why Do Wild Birds Sing In Autumn?
Common Skin and Feather Disorders Part III
West Nile Virus Update

October 2000 Magazine
birds ezines
Confessions of an Aviholic
Kitchen Physician XIII - Greening Of The Parrot Diet
Common Skin and Feather Disorders Part II

September 2000 Magazine

A Typical Day in My Life - Jasmine, An Umbrella Cockatoo
What You Need To Know About Keeping Lovebirds
An Overview of the West Nile Virus

August 2000 Magazine

Seeds And Nuts - Nutrition Varies by Method Served
Parrotlets In Aviculture - Caring for Your Parrotlet
Parrotlets In Aviculture - The Various Species
Common Skin and Feather Disorders

June/July 2000 Magazine

Feeding Our Birds - Part I Nutritional Needs
Feeding Our Birds - Part II A Healthy Diet
No Business Like Show Business
Respiratory Diseases in Macaws - Pulmonary Hypersensitivity Syndrome

May 2000 Magazine

Cages, Cages, Cages!!!
Trick Training And Its Benefits - Clicker Training
Project Bird Watch: Watching After the Birds of the World
Feathers Part I

April 2000 Magazine

Macaws - Personality Plus!!
One-Person Birds
Holding A Bird Fair, Expo, Mart or Show
Avian Respiratory Disorders Part II

March 2000 Magazine

OUCH !! Bird Bites
Color Mutation Pacific Parrotlets
An Innovative Feeding Method - Plus Conversion to Pellets
Avian Respiratory Disorders Part I

February 2000 Magazine

Make A Wanted Poster For Tweety
When Minutes Count, A Disaster Plan
Holding A Bird Show
The Avian Respiratory System

December 1999 / January 2000 Magazine

Reduce Your Bird's Food Bill
Kitchen Physician XII - Nutrition In A Nutshell
Moving Day!
Disorders of the Upper Digestive Tract Part II
Bird Lighting Hotspots
Avian New Years Resolutions

November 1999 Magazine

Conner Conure's Pumpkin Adventure
It's Playtime! Games To Play With Your Parrots
Zebra Finch Mutations - Part II
Starting a Bird Club Part III - Adoptions and Rescues
Sample Bird Adoption Forms
(A New Article at Birds n Ways)

October 1999 Magazine

Parrot Limmericks
The Unique Cockatoo: Cockatoos Differ From Other Parrots
Disorders Of The Upper Digestive Tract
Starting a Bird Club Part II
New Cage And Aviary Disinfectant

September 1999 Magazine

The Year 2K and Our Birds
Starting a Bird Club - Part I
Zebra Finch Mutations - Part I
What Is A Parrot?

August 1999 Magazine

A Swinging Affair
Kitchen Physician XI - Edible Flowers For Parrots
The Avian Digestive Tract

July 1999 Magazine

Preening Toys
Parrots Are Not the Only Birds
Breeding Quakers - Tips for Beginners
Normal & Abnormal Bacterial Organisms of Birds

June 1999 Magazine

Orphaned Wild Baby Birds
Ants Be Gone! - A Bird Safe Method That Works
I Remember Popcorn
The Incredible Bird Egg

May 1999 Magazine

Kitchen Physician X - Safe Cleaning & Pest Control
Breeding African Greys - Part III
Egg Binding In Breeding and Pet Birds

April 1999 Magazine

Helping An Injured Wild Bird
How to Purchase a Canary
Breeding African Greys - Part II
Avian Reproduction - Triggers and Hormonal Changes

March 1999 Magazine

Is A Bird Club For You?
The Perfect Pionus
Breeding African Greys - Part I
The Male Bird Reproductive System

February 1999 Magazine

Kitchen Physician IX - Sprouting For Healthier Birds
The Entrancing Varieties Of Finches
Socializing The African Grey - The Early Days
The Incredible Female Bird - Reproductive System
Avianagrams (Quiz)

January 1999 Magazine

It's All the Birds' Fault - A Poem
Those Marvelous Avian Eyes
Managing Stress in African Greys

December 1998 Magazine

A Tale of Paradise Found
Blue Crown Conures - Exceptional Pet Birds
Stress in African Greys and Other Birds
Breeding the Quaker Parrot

November 1998 Magazine

Avian Emergencies Part II
Buying Birds at Bird Fairs - Be Educated and Beware
Hazards and the Care of Your Bird
A Bird's Eye View of Eating Etiquette (Humor)
(Plus a new article at BirdsnWays)
Board Certified Avian Vets Listing

October 1998 Magazine

Avian Emergencies Part I
The Kitchen Physician VIII - Juicing For Parrots
The Adolescent African Grey
Canaries as Pets

September 1998 Magazine

I Caught It From My Bird (Humor)
Don't Play Doctor With Antibiotics
Your Baby Grey (Bird) Is Coming Home
Timneh Greys - The Little Grey Parrot Comes Of Age
(plus 3 New Articles from The Eclectus Forum)
Toe Tapping In Eclectus
Bird Thefts... Protect Your Birds
Stopping Disease In Aviaries: A Suggestion For Aviculture

August 1998 Magazine

Switching Your Bird to Pellets
Creating And Enjoying An Indoor Aviary
Kitchen Physician VII - Citricidal: Disinfectant & Cure
Zoonotic (Bird-Human) Diseases: Influenza and Giardia
The African Grey Myths - Greys Are Clumsy
The African Grey Myths - Greys Are Pluckers
The African Grey Myths - Greys Are One-Person Birds
The African Grey Myths - Greys Need More Calcium
Birds of Australia - Galah (Rose breasted) Cockatoos
(A New Page at Birds n Ways)

July 1998 Magazine

Harnessing the Parrot: An Adventure in Patience
Kitchen Physician VI - Holistic Treatments For Parrots
Zoonotic (Bird-Human) Diseases: Avian Tuberculosis
Introduction To Sun Conures
Wingclipping And The African Grey
Birds of Australia - Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
(A New Page at Birds n Ways)

June 1998 Magazine

Medicating Parrots (A Bit of Humor)
Kitchen Physician V - Herbal Remedies For Parrots
Selecting A Companion Bird - Bird Species Profiles
Finches: Nature's Small Jewels
Zoonotic Diseases: Allergic Alveolitus, Campylobacteriosis, New Castles
Double the Trouble or Double the Fun? - Keeping Birds in Twos
(Plus 2 new articles at BirdsnWays)
How To Handfeed Finches
Using Society Finches As Foster Parents

May 1998 Magazine

Multiple Personalities - The Multi Bird Home
Paulie : The Ultimate Pet? (The Good & The Bad)
Zoonotic (Bird-Human) Diseases: Psittacosis, Salmonellosis
The Grey Cheeked Parakeet: Larger Than Life
The Dangers Of Ozone Generators
(Plus 2 new articles at Cockatoo Heaven)
Those Magnificent Cockatoo Crests
Sexing Cockatoos

April 1998 Magazine

Burglar Proof Your Bird
Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin D3 In Your Bird's Diet
Georgie's Story - Egg Peritonitis in Breeder or Pet Birds
Breeding Cockatiels

March 1998 Magazine

Shower Power - Bathing Birds FAQ
Kitchen Physician IV- Feeding Organic Foods Affordably
The Charm of Cockatiels
Molting Is Revolting!! - A Poem
Caring for Your Pet Cockatiel

February 1998 Magazine

Weather the Feathers.... Molting FAQ
Selecting An Avian Veterinarian
The Golden-capped Conure
Success With A Biting Pet Bird!

January 1998 Magazine

Phobic Birds
Wing Clipping: Why, When & How
Quaker Mutilation Syndrome (QMS) [Many Species]
The Lory Lovers' Library

December 1997 Magazine

First Time Bird Owners - FAQ
Kitchen Physician III - Parrots, Produce & Pesticides
Preparing For A Pet Sitter
Dangers of Soft PVC Toys & Vinyl Products!
Birds of Australia - Gang Gang Cockatoos
(A New Page at Birds n Ways)
Birds of Australia - Major Mitchell (Leadbeaters) Cockatoos
(A New Page at Birds n Ways)

November 1997 Magazine

Holiday and Winter Hazards for Pet Birds
Ozonators (Ozone) - Helpful or Harmful?
Hiring A Professional Pet Sitting Service
Hawk-headed Parrots, Beautiful & Affectionate
HELP! My Bird Is Bleeding
PDD (Proventricular Dilitation Disease) Info
(A New Page at Birds n Ways - Win Valuable Prizes!)
Are You A Bird Addict? Rate Yourself
(A New Quiz at Birds n Ways)

October 1997 Magazine

How the Cockatoo Gave Color to the World
Kitchen Physician II - Foods As Natural Medicines
Home Tweet Home... Cages FAQ
Those Colorful, Clownish Caiques!
Birds of Australia - Lorikeets by Mike Owen
(A New Page at Birds n Ways)

September 1997 Magazine

Roller Skating -Training & Success
Understanding Your Bird's Body Language
Be Prepared For The Unexpected - Storms
HELP - My Bird Is Sick
An Introduction to Senegals

August 1997 Magazine

The Kitchen Physician - Let Food Be Your Medicine
Galvanized Wire and Zinc
The A - Zinc of Zinc Poisoning
Avian Nutrition
Signs of Sickness
The Fab Four Fables - Part IX

July 1997 Magazine

Summer Hazards & Precautions
Joan & Charmaine's Blood Feather Emergency
The New Bird Exam
Introduction to Ringneck Parakeets
Selecting the Right Bird for You
Of Purrs and Birds

June 1997 Magazine

Weigh Your Bird Regularly!!
Once Bitten......Twice Shy
Cage Liners: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Introduction to Quaker Parakeets
The Fab Four Fables - Parts VII & VIII

May 1997 Magazine

Bird Noise - Sound of Music or Torture Alley
AAA: (Avian Auto Adventure)
An Introduction to MAP - Model Aviculture Program
Kakarikis - New Zealand's Little Jewels
Building a Good Avian Library II
The Model Aviculture Program or MAP

April 1997 Magazine

Portable Power: Affordable Ways to Beat Mother Nature
The Annual Well Bird Exam
Adopting an Older Bird Can Be Wonderful
The Fab Four Fables - V & VI
Decorator Cage Covers

March 1997 Magazine

Can Dogs and Birds Get Along ?
Air Travel, Avian Style
Selecting a Good Home for Your Baby Birds
The Fab Four Fables - I & II
The Fab Four Fables - III & IV

February 1997 Magazine

Footloose.....Problem Free. Perches FAQ
Building a Good Avian Library
Handfeeding: Good Methods Yield Good Pets
An Introduction to Parrotlets

January 1997 Magazine
Pet Bird ezine pet birds e-zine Pet bird magazines birds ezines bird e-zines
Ask And You Shall Receive - Finding a Quality Bird
Handfeeding: Cornerstone to a Good Pet
The MicroChip: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
The Eclectus Parrot - An Overview
Articles from the Eclectus Forum Newsletter
(A New Feature at Birds n Ways)

December 1996 Magazine

Life After Weaning - Your Companion Bird and You II
An Overview of Disinfectants and Their Uses
Cons and Unscrupulous Sellers
Classes of Disinfectants and Their Uses

November 1996 Magazine

Baubles, Bangles and Beads... Toys FAQ
Life After Weaning - Your Companion Bird and You
The ABC's of Leg Bands
Plight of the Parrot

October 1996 Magazine

Abundance Weaning: Secret to a Happy Bird
Feather Mutilation
Cockatoos: A Bit of Heaven on Earth
Bird Lovers Help an Owner's Legal Battle

September 1996 Magazine

Water Bottles: Convenience with a Price
Pairs: Bonded, Proven or What?
Grains: Delicious and Healthy Too
Determining Your Bird's Sex

August 1996 Magazine

The Avian First Aid Kit
Toxins - Zinc Poisoning
Sprouts: Nutritious and Easy To Grow
Do Your Own Cultures - Save Time & Money

July 1996 Magazine

NET Jargon, Bird Abbreviations
Toxins - Teflon
Protecting Carpets & Floors
The Blue Dusky Conure - a New Mutation
Lovebird FAQ
(A New Article at Birds n Ways)