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cockatoos, cockatoo, behavior, Pet Birds exotic birds pets parrot magazines ezines

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October 1999 Magazine

Are Cockatoos really the most trouble of all the parrots, such as macaws and greys? Let's celebrate and explore their uniqueness. Observation and study tell us Cockatoos are different in some ways from other parrots. And in some ways Cockatoos are even different from each other.

My Jenday Conure taught me a lot about himself and parrots, so I confidently brought home my Moluccan Cockatoo. He was so different from my Conure. Had I been expecting these differences at the outset, I think our first six months would have been even smoother.

Some Cockatoo differences are subtler than my writing makes them appear. I exaggerate the tendencies to help make you aware of them. Some Cockatoos are not destructive and other Cockatoos are obedient, contrary to the tendencies identified here.

In general, the following is list of "could happen basic differences" between Cockatoos and other parrots.

In a Cockatoo household, you may find that the human(s) know of these differences, make allowances for and accept them, and even make some adjustments in their homes for their Cockatoo's differences.

Please, don't think your new Cockatoo will come without some or all of the tendencies discussed. Some Cockatoos are more challenging than others. Some can be angelic one minute and of unreliable temperament the next.

I have attached an angelic picture of my Moluccan Cockatoo for your enjoyment. This "angel" has eaten 2 laptop computers, a couple of remote controls and taken various bites out of wooden furniture in an attempt to help me redecorate. He hides my shoes if I leave them on the floor and lets himself out of his cage by springing the locks. He then takes long, adventure-filled walks through the house. I accept the responsibility that my Cockatoo will do undesirable things if I don't anticipate and prepare for them.

If you can understand the uniqueness of your loving, intelligent, caring Cockatoo, then you will be repaid with a fulfilling, lifetime relationship with what many call the most cuddly, people-oriented of all the parrots.

To describe for you what someone once told me, a Cockatoo's human strives for the patience of a saint, the creativity of Monet and the brilliance of Einstein to raise a Cockatoo. It is wise to never leave a Cockatoo unattended. You also should be prepared to become a very playful person and you need to enjoy a challenge. It is best if you are the kind of person who can respect that a creature this beautiful and sentient deserves to have your time and make the commitment that you will do whatever it takes to get the bird adjusted to your home. The Cockatoo is an intelligent, empathetic parrot that can make a bonded and treasured companion. Keep a Cockatoo's brain and beak busy for a lifetime of feathered love.

Winged Wisdom Note: Linda gratefully acknowledges and for their refinement by discussion of the ideas presented here. Linda has published eight articles in consumer and collegiate journals and enjoys the study of parrots and birds.

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